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Garage Door Insulation

Garage doors can be a large factor in your home’s heat loss or gain. This can affect attached garages, garages under living space and even detached garages that have a workshop or workspace. To make your heating and cooling dollars go farther, consider adding garage door insulation.

Garage door insulation is one of the things that can assist you save a little the cost incurred in your garage maintenance. Your garage door should be properly insulated to provide better energy efficiency and to avoid heat loss, which results in high bills energy bills. Insulating your garage door by yourself will take only one hour to fit since it is quite easy. It will cost you around $90-$100, which is quite cheap. There are many great options, which are easily accessible. For instance, you can use fiberglass sheets, foil roll and polystyrene panels to insulate your garage door. When insulating your garage you should look at a higher R-value of the material. You should also consider how it is resistant to climatic change.

The material of your garage door insulation will have to be in agreement with the kind of threshold you will use. For example, you can go for wood because the wooden doors cannot rot or steel because steel doors require strong seals. When you are fitting garage door you should read the instructions and follow the steps carefully for best results. The instructions will be easy to follow especially if your kit includes pictures. When purchasing the seals, you should ensure that you look for popular brands like the Owens Corning and the 3M since they offer you a complete kit for your garage door insulation. The kits can be purchased from the local home improvement stores or retail websites such as Amazon and eBay.

The climatic conditions in your area will play a big role in determining the type of garage door insulation that you go for. Studies have shown that even the smallest amount of insulation for the garage door will lead to decreased energy bills. Unlike the earlier home designs, in the modern homes the garages are connected to the main living quarters hence, temperature changes in the garage will affect your entire house.

How to approach garage door insulation

The cheapest way to approach your insulation garage door insulation is through a DIY project. For this you can obtain the planes as part of your kit or individually. Going for the kit will ensure that the project is completed as quickly as possible. The kit should not cost more than $80-$100 and should have all the things you require and have simple installation instructions. When carrying out the garage door insulation installation, it is important to have a number of sharp cutting blades with which you will cut the panes.

Since garage door insulation is necessary to make your home more energy efficient you need to take insulating you garage door more seriously. You should ensure that you use only a little of your time and money in the process in order to take the pleasure of a more comfortable home. If you are purchasing a new garage door, you should first consider its insulation capabilities to avoid insulating it later on. This means you have to consider the material carefully as some materials allow quicker heat loss than others.

Garage Door Insulation Kits 
Are a great way to help insulate your garage door. They are available at most large home centers and provide you with everything you need to insulate your garage door.


Foam Garage Door Insulation
Rigid polystyrene foam is a great way to help insulate your garage door. Available at most large home centers, polystyrene foam comes in 4’ x 8’ sheets and in various thicknesses. This type of foam is easily shaped with common tools such as utility knives and handsaws.

The amount of internal insulation a garage door has will determine its overall R value. It is common for newer garage doors to have an R value of between 4 and 7. Usually the doors are insulated with a polyurethane insulation, polystyrene compound, or foam which is placed inside the internal structure of the door. Older garage doors do not usually have an R value rating.

You will most likely not want to replace a garage door which is in good shape. You can make that old garage door more energy efficient by installing a garage door insulation kits. These kits will work great with almost any kind of residential garage door. You can save a lot of money by refurbishing your old door instead of replacing it. Garage door insulation kits are available for both single and double car garages. These kits will work great with most standard garage doors. Polystyrene has good insulation properties and is used most often for these kits. Putting one of these kits in place can give your old garage door an R value of around five. You can reduce your energy costs by installing one of these kits.

To insulate a hollow or thin garage door, measure the inside of the door panel and cut the foam to fit. Affix the foam to the garage door insulation panels with heavy-duty, two-sided tape or contact cement.

A Thin Alternative
Reflective foil insulation is designed to prevent heat transfer. Created by combining foil with a thin plastic backing, reflective foil insulation is a great way to insulate older, solid doors.

To insulate your garage door with reflective foil insulation, measure and cut sheets of the foil to fit the individual panels of your door. Insulating foil can be attached to garage door panels using two-sided tape. Some manufacturers already provide this tape with the roll of foil.

Around The Edges
Even a well-insulated door can lose or gain heat. Improper installation can leave gaps around the edges. Check the weather stripping along the bottom of the door to make sure it makes a proper seal with the door closed. The weather stripping along the edges should also leave no gaps. If you can feel a draft, or can see light between the garage door and frame, adjust or replace the weather stripping as required. Be sure to caulk around any crack or crevice where air might be able to get through!

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