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Is your garage door energy efficient?


As the largest moving part on your house, the garage door plays an important part in maintaining structural integrity and energy efficiency - two important factors in green building design. Your garage door should use long-lasting, quality products that will need few replacement parts in the future. Less manufacturing means less waste, and less consumption. Galvanized springs and hinges are not only more attractive, but they last on average 50% longer than standard springs and hinges.

Energy Efficiency

Quality construction and expert installation of your garage door by our expert technicians can reduce overall household energy consumption.

Is your furnace and water heater located in your garage?

Keeping warmth in your garage is essential to running your furnace and water heater efficiently during winter months. Three-layer “sandwich” doors feature a layer of environmentally safe, CFC-free, expanded polyurethane insulation bonded between two layers of durable 24-gauge steel. This high-density insulation has an R-Value of 15.4, compared to an R-Value of 9 for standard Styrofoam insulation. The insulation is injected into the panels to make sure that every gap is filled.

Is your garage attached to your home?

Proper installation will ensure that your garage door operates efficiently. American Servie Center Garage Door Solutions uses top quality parts including galvanized steel springs and hinges for durability and aesthetics. Nylon rollers create a smooth and quiet motion when opening and closing the garage. Vinyl weather striping and bottom weatherseal will assist in keeping the elements out.

Things to consider when selecting a new garage door

Whether you are looking for a new garage door for your residential or commercial location, the aim is always to get the best product at the best value. Let our Dallas based garage door company help you find the best garage door to fit all your needs. Customers in Dallas and Fort Forth's surrounding communities in Texas can select a garage door to fit any size, type of use, or style preference.

To help you choose the perfect new garage door, take these important elements into consideration:

Our garage door technicians can explain the terminology needed when you compare different models and materials. When comparing steel gauge, the lower the gauge number - the thicker and stronger the steel. For safety, we recommend using a new track whenever you have a new garage door installed. The old track may not be compatible. Garage doors must be properly aligned and balanced for proper performance.

Garage door manufacturers use R-values to indicate the overall energy efficiency of their products. That number is calculated from a formula that takes into account the thickness and chemical makeup of the garage door insulation. Polyurethane insulation is generally considered a better insulator than polystyrene. The R-value refers to each individual garage door section, so the quality of the garage door's construction greatly impacts energy efficiency.

Have you allowed and paid for a convicted felon to conduct service work in your home?

The odds are you have and did not even know it, at American Service Center Garage Door Solutions in Dallas we thoroughly screen each and every service technician through theTexas Department of Public Safety background check program and will not send anyone into your home that has ever been convicted of a felony or that has been charged with a Class A or B misdemeanor in the past ten years.

By screening every technician, we help ensure the safety of your home, family, friends, and loved ones. We highly recommend when hiring any type of service company to inquire and verify that the person gaining access to your home and family is not a criminal.

How to paint wood grain on your garage door

Here is how to paint your metal garage door to look like a wooden door.

First you will need to read the article on "How to paint your garage door" before you attempt this project as it has important instructions on how to prepare your door for a new application of paint.

Things you will need

1 - Benjamin Moore® Exterior Low Lustre Moreguard Paint - Peanut Butter
2 - Benjamin Moore® Exterior Moreguard Paint - Pancake Syrup
1 - Benjamin Moore® Exterior Moreguard Paint - Black Bean Soup
1 - Benjamin Moore® Super Spec HP Clear Acrylic Sealer 
1 - Roll of Painters Tape
1 - Paint Roller with Paint Tray
2 - Paint Brush for use with Acrylic Paint
1 - Large Drop Cloth

Step 1 - Lay a drop cloth under the door so no paint gets on the ground. Tape off the sides of the house where the garage meets the house to avoid getting paint on the house in unwanted areas. Also if you have any windows please tape them off like the picture below or remove them if they are removable.

Step 2 - Paint the base color on the door after the door has been prepared for painting. You can read the article on Painting Your Garage Door for instructions on how to prep your door. The base color is the Peanut Butter color. As you can see we have already started to paint the wood grain.

Step 3 -Tape off the individual panels as shown. In the picture below one row of panels has already been finished.


Step 4 - Painting the panels. The First wood color is a Benjamin Moore color called Pancake Syrup. While the darker wood grain lines are made by mixing the Black Bean Soup color into the Pancake syrup color we then diluted the mixed dark brown with a clear acrylic exterior sealer to lighten it and provide better protection to the finish.

Begin by painting the verticle part of the panels as shown below with the lighter color. It is important that you do this vertically to provide for the real wood look.

step-1Then paint in the center of the panel with horizontal strokes, continue using the lighter color.


Then finish off the panel by painting in the horizontal taped edges, continue using the lighter color.

I usually go down the entire row like that and even do another row while the first row is drying. 

After a row is finished drying paint over it with darker color mix as a second coat using the same technique as before to ensure a great wood grain look as seen below.

To finish off the panels I wait for them to dry and then apply a second coat of the darker color on the ourside part around the center. It adds depth to the panels and provides a more realilistic look to the panels. Just see below!

Step 5 - Paint in the vertical pieces between the panels. Tape off the verticle stripes like you can see in the picture below and do the same thing as before. Paint them in with vertical strokes with the pancake syrup and then when that dries paint over it with one coat of the diluted darker color.

Step 6 - Next are the horizontal pieces that go all the way across the door. Tape them off and paint them in the same way. You can see in the picture below where we have painted in the first coat of the brown that is lighter than the other painted spaces. It needs the second coat to look good and give the door a more authentic wood look.

Step 7 - The last spaces to paint are the vertical spaces at either side of the door. The door is painted in this manner because if it where real wood that is the way the grain would run. 

Step 8 - Clean Up!

How to paint your garage door


Like all exterior parts of a house, the garage door is constantly exposed to elements such as dust, sun exposure, and rain. This ongoing exposure can cause chipping, peeling, and fading of the garage door’s paint. To extend the life of your garage door and improve the curb appeal of your home, give your garage door a makeover with simply a new coat of paint.

Start your painting project early in the day to allow for enough daylight time to finish each step of the project. Be sure not to paint when the weather is too hot or cold and avoid painting in direct sunlight. The ideal temperature for painting is between sixty and seventy degrees with low humidity.

A quality paint job starts with thorough preparation of the work surface. Begin by cleaning off dirt and dust with an all purpose cleaner and scouring sponge. Then rinse off the garage door using a garden hose.

Removal of the old paint is necessary before painting. If new paint is applied on top of an unstable surface, the new paint will not stay adhered to the garage door. Any loose paint can be removed using a wire brush, and rust can be removed using a paint scraper. Apply a chemical paint stripper to the garage door and use a sanding sponge or electric sander to remove the remainder of the old paint. Safety goggles should be used during this step.

Once the garage door has been cleaned and stripped of any old paint, use painter’s tape to mask trim, windows, and any other parts of the garage that you do not want to be painted. Finally, lay down a drop cloth to protect the floor from paint drippings.

The next step in your painting project is applying the primer. This should be done within twenty-four hours of preparing the garage door. An exterior grade paint primer should be used. You can choose what type of primer to use based on your garage door type. A latex exterior primer will work for both metal and wood doors. Apply the primer onto the flat sections of the garage door with a paint roller, and then use a paint brush to reach the remaining areas. If you choose to use a paint sprayer, use a piece of cardboard to shield the trim and surrounding areas from being painted, and use long strokes to create a thin, even coating. Allow twelve to twenty-four hours for the primer to dry before painting. Refer to the recommended drying time by the paint manufacturer.

Application of the paint is done in the same method as the primer. Different types of paint can be used based on your preference. Acrylic exterior paint is flexible and won’t chip with the movement of the garage door. Oil-based exterior alkyd paint is top quality and will dry hard and smooth. Latex exterior paint can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water but may develop tackiness in warm weather. Whichever paint you choose, make sure to use an exterior grade. A semi-gloss sheen is recommended for easy maintenance. If you choose to paint a second coat, wait twenty-four hours for the first coat to dry.

The last step is clean up. The painter’s tape should be removed from trim and windows at a forty-five degree angle to avoid peeling paint. If any paint got onto the windows, it can be removed using a razor blade.

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