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Consider Garage Door Insulation


Properly insulated garage doors is a major improvement to make your door more energy efficient, garage doors can be a large factor in your home’s heat loss or gain. This can affect attached garages, garages under living space and even detached garages that have a workshop or workspace. To make your heating and cooling dollars go farther, consider adding garage door insulation.

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Consider Installing a Garage Door Threshold Seal


Creating proper garage door seals with our garage door threshold products is the first step to make your door more energy efficient, in addition to helping keep out driven rain, excess water, pest, dust and pollen. The garage door threshold creates a seal that blocks out the elements by closing the gap between the door and the floor. The tight seal keeps the inside of your garage clean despite the outside weather. Garage door threshold kits are easy to install, and come complete with threshold, adhesive, and instructions.

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DIY Spring Repair: 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Attempt it Yourself


Replacing or repairing a garage door torsion spring is not something that many people may want to attempt on their own. These springs can be quite dangerous and even professional garage door repairmen get injured at times while performing garage door torsion spring repairs.

In fact, because of the danger garage door torsion springs can entail in replacement, there are some distributors and manufacturers that will only sell the parts to experienced garage door installers. You may not be able to accomplish this repair on your own for this reason and you might find it is worth the expense of hiring a professional garage door repair company to relieve the stress of this project and the futile search for a part that might not be readily available.

Just make sure you find a reputable and established garage door company that is properly insured and has certified or licensed installers that are familiar with the process like American Service Center. We have the tools and knowledge to complete this task fairly easily, when you compare it to replacing it by yourself. This is a case where it is worth the money to have the part correctly installed and the safety issues should be a major concern for those that are considering replacement of the part on their own, through experimentation to save a few bucks.


1 - Garage Door Torsion Springs are Dangerous!

Garage door torsion springs are tightly wound heavy duty springs that may possibly fracture and hurt or injure a person if detached incorrectly.

Other dangers include the size and weight of your garage door. Are you strong enough to lift these items by yourself or possibly do you require another person to help you? For people who can be a bit clumsy, getting a ladder to get to the springs in addition to garage door equipment may well pose added danger. When you merge them with the lack of experience associated with do-it-yourself garage door repair and related equipment alone, dangers goes up tremendously. A little incident can be what is needed to place an individual in a hospital bed.

2 - New Garage Door Torsion Springs are Troublesome for Individuals to Buy

As a result of basic safety concerns as well as likely lawsuits with regard to accidents to do with people self repairing their garage door torsion springs, makers in addition to sellers generally do not distribute to the public. Although this is clearly annoying for experienced individuals who wish to take action to correct their garage doors, it’s mainly a preventative measure for safety to keep a number of untrained home owners from undertaking this dangerous job by themselves.

Garage door repair companies have fast access to parts and really should be utilized whenever a garage door repair issue arises.

3 - Time Requirements

After all, even if you have the skills to repair garage door, do you want to spend hours and the risk doing it yourself? Especially if you’re not inexperienced with torsion spring repair you might spend way more time on the project than your first thought.

Furthermore, for anyone who is a busy individual with work, children and other fun-based activities, you’ll likely be unable to repair your garage door for several days or perhaps not prior to the next weekend. Nearly all garage door repair firms will show up the same day or even within just twenty-four hrs and also have your current garage door running once more.

Whenever time is important, a garage door repair company is the better alternative. Where ever safety is a concern, a garage door repair service company specializing in torsion spring repair is the smart decision.

Let our expert technicians maintain your door


Imagine driving up to your home. With the simple click of a button, the garage door opens smoothly and quickly. It doesn’t have to be a dream. American Service Center Garage Door Solutions can make it a reality. We install and repair garage door openers for homeowners who use their garages every day. In harsh times of year, this is not a luxury but a necessity! Openers come with features that greatly improve your enjoyment of this space, such as an overhead light, remote lockout, and quick-release emergency function.

Concerns of Chinese Steel Springs


In recent months, there has been a rising concern about the type of steel used in springs. For example, Chinese imported steel and springs are of a lower quality, and therefore much more brittle than other sources. At American Service Garage Door Solutions, we make it our primary concern to provide excellent and safe products for our customers. Therefore, if you purchase a spring from us, you can rest assured that all our springs are made with steel from the United States, thereby guaranteeing a higher quality than many of our competitors.

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